Well, since this desirism wiki is my new project, I would like to make some notes of my progress and where I wish to go with this.

I am currently thinking of this as a three-year project. That is not to say that there is some final end state that I wish to reach after 3 years. Instead, three years from now, as I look on the blog, I would like to see something that is relatively well fleshed out and supported - something that a person can go to and get a good idea of what desirism is and its implications.

There is never an end to learning, and no interest in stopping when the three years are up. Instead, what I know is that what exists today is not even the barest of skeletons of desirism. Some day, with persistence, it will reach a place where one can say that it covers a respectable amount of the material that needs to be covered. That is where I would like this blog to be in 3 years.